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4 minuten geleden, DiddyKong zei:

Verwacht je dat het ook in Nederland verkocht gaat worden? @ Levi

Rasoigoodfellas is de hoofdverdeler van Europa, dus eenmaal daar duurt het niet lang dat ze bij The Alpha Men beschikbaar zijn 😉

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And we have some announcements.

  • Our very first export order to the EU is on its merry way! That means that all you folks in the EU who have historically had trouble finding B+M products near you need no longer worry. It will begin appearing at various retailers once it lands and will also be available from Barbieri Uniti directly. Should take a few weeks, but keep an eye on our social media for confirmation!
  • Those in the UK will have a similar experience, since Shaving Station UK will be taking over distribution within the United Kingdom. Expect to see our products stocked at your favorite wet shaving retailers not long after the shipment lands in Italy! But limited releases, seasonals, and the like will generally remain with Slickboys UK because it's simply not feasible to get them into full distribution within their production lives.
  • Because of everything required in order to sell shaving products within the EU, we've had to go back and redesign our entire packaging scheme. As a result, we've changed all of our main production soaps over to this new style! Limited releases will retain a more freeform approach, both to differentiate them from their more plentiful cousins and as a result of time constraints.
  • All of our shaving soaps are now offered exclusively in our Omnibus shaving soap base. Any soap that appears in the new packaging scheme is definitely an Omnibus soap, as is anything produced since September of 2021.
  • Last, but certainly not least, we have upgraded and improved our website to make it easier to find the products that you love!
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