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Hello from Wales


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Hello from Wales.


My name is Jamie aged 58 I'm from Wales I'm very well know on a few forums as I restore hone and use straight razors I'm also part of the staff over on the SRP where I'm known as the Celticcrusader :) please excuse me for using English instead of Dutch as part of my introduction, I mostly use and collect vintage NOS Japanese razors, OK I'm off now to have a look around your forum hopefully I can contribute in the near future.




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Hi Ron,


I can see there's a certain Tanifuji razor out for delivery in Belgium right now. :)


The mail woman should be here any minute, didn't want to post a picture in the thread about "what are you waiting for" as these guys accuse me already enough of being a addict ;)


Ah well now that the word is out what the hell, eat your heart out fellow members :mrgreen: (picture is made by Jamie btw)




btw Jamie is one of the most helpful people I have encountered on the forums! Thanks mate!

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It has arrived, please Jamie send me a dozen more of those Japanese beauty's 8-)

It will be used for my second shave of the day :mrgreen: thanks you!!!


After all this box needs filling :mrgreen:



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Welcome Jamie, enjoy your stay!


Very nice razor there Ron, Jamie sure knows his Japanese Razors.






Lukt het weer met een open mes Ron?

Dit is trouwens wel een erg mooi exemplaar!


Sorry, misschien beter in een ander draadje......


Welcome Jamie!



Thanks for the warm welcome. :)

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Welcome Jamie, enjoy the forum.


Hi there Jamie..! Welcome to this forum.!


Welcome !


Thanks for the welcome.


Welcome and much pleasure reading this Dutch forum.


Hi Jamie, welcome here. The Japanese really know how to work their steel, marvellous razors.
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