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    Gillette Sensor
  1. Koraat Knives

    To show the damascus pattern the steel has to be etched, without etching the damascus pattern is nearly invisible. When etched, one steel (with more Carbon and manganese content)is getting black and one (with less carbon and high nickel content) stays bright. That makes the contrast. Since the cutting edge has more manganese and carbon it get´s also dark. best regards Ulrik
  2. Koraat Knives

    Hello, this damascus is a composite of different bars of steel. 3 Bars made of so called "explosion" damascus, which is a mosaic damascus that is twisted. And 1 bar of a monosteel (1.3505, ball bearing steel) forming the edge area. best regards, Ulrik
  3. Koraat Knives

    Hello Mesmer, the price difference is a result of the way how I produce the razors, not a result of the options you have chosen. When you use the configurator to order a razor, I have to do all production steps for one single razor. The "Chopper" model is a standard razor, which I produce in larger batches. That saves a lot of working time and makes the razors cheaper compared to one ordered with the configurator. Best regards, Ulrik
  4. Koraat Knives

    There are some reasons why I decided to use 1.3505, instead of 1.2210: -First, I wanted to provide a "new" steel to my customers. The 1.2210 is a great steel, but it is very common and used for about 95% of all non stainless razors. The 1.3505 is often used for normal custom knifes, in particular for high quality kitchen knives, but it is nearly unknown on the razor market. -The next reason is, that I have made some custom razors with this steel and the customers gave me an excellent feedback concerning the shaving quality. There is no big difference to the 1.2210, but it seems that the shave with the 1.3505 is a bit smoother and more gentle. -The last reason is the quality of the steel itself. Since this steel is normaly used for bearings, it has to be hard, wear-resistant and tough at the same time. Further any inhomogeneity (big carbides for example) in the steel structure would cause the bearing to fail, thats why this steel is molten and casted in a particular high quality, making it an excellent steel for razors. Hope that answers your question! If you have any further questions, please just ask me. best regards, Ulrik
  5. Koraat Knives

    The game is over! A member of the german Gut-Rasiert Forum has found the hidden link. here is a screenshot: (look on the upper right part near the outline of the photo) Thank you for your participation! kind regards, Ulrik
  6. Koraat Knives

    The second round has started! Have fun searching! And here is a screenshot of the hidden link to the photo of the first round: It was the hyphen between the two numbers! best regards, Ulrik
  7. Koraat Knives

    Good morning! I didn´t believe that this could go so fast.... but at 4:04 am "Onkel Hannes" from the german Gut-Rasiert Forum found the hidden photo! This is what he won: Since it seems as you all had much fun with this game, I am going to start a second round. Give me some time to hide a new photo, I will inform you when the game starts again best regards, Ulrik
  8. Koraat Knives

    Hello! I would like to invite you to participate in a little New Years "search game" on my website. I have made a big update during which I have placed a hidden photo on my homepage. Whoever finds this photo and is the first to tell me the exact place of it via mail, PN or post in this Forum, will get whatever is shown on it. I wont tell you what it shows.... but i strongly believe that it is worth the effort of searching it I wish you a happy New Year! Best regards, Ulrik
  9. Koraat Knives

    Wanneer u slijpen het mes, is het bedekken met tape natuurlijk noodzakelijk. Vooral met een diamantplaat, maar ook met andere stenen.
  10. Koraat Knives

    I hope it´s ok, that I switch to english, but the following is a bit to complex for me to write in dutch One of my customers has a DLC coated razor in use for about half a year now, and it hasn´t shown any signs of wear till now. I don´t think that with stropping alone, the coating will ever be removed on the spine. Even Crox is not as hard as the DLC layer, so one would have to strope with Crox a very long time to get the DLC removed. So yes, the polish does survive in use beste groeten, Ulrik
  11. Koraat Knives

    De snede is niet dlc bedekt, daarom moet het snede heel normaal zijn.
  12. Koraat Knives

    Ha Joost, dat DLC laagje is zeer veel robuuster dan en bruine of zwarte etsing! het is ook veel harder dan verhard staal, daarom zal het staalwol ook niet veel brengen Het kunnen vies worden, echter schram is het niet zo snel krijgen. beste groeten, Ulrik
  13. Koraat Knives

    The carbon I used is so called "lightning strike Carbon". It is normaly used for airplanes to protect from lightning strikes. Therefore it has bronze wires woven between the carbon fibres, which conduct the electricity. @Snuff: It´s not sooo expensive cheers, Ulrik
  14. Mijn eerste set scales

    Een prachtig resultat! Nog een bit fijne slijpen en het is perfect. Echter ik hebben gezien dat u aanvullende ringe voor het spacer gebruik? Ik kan u stuur een dikker wanneer u willen. beste groeten Ulrik
  15. Mijn eerste set scales

    Bedankt voor het welkom! @efsk: Mijn blade zijn zeer zwaar, omdat is een sterke rivet beter Ik weet ook niet hoe dik de microfasteners zijn, ik dacht meer als 2mm?